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Many homeowners don’t think too much about their home’s windows. However, there is a wide variety of windows on the market, so whether buying new windows or looking for replacements, working with a window installation company will help open your eyes to different styles that can transform your home.

Let’s look at one of those styles. This article will explain awning windows: what they are, where they are used, and how to maintain them.

What Are Awning Windows?

Unlike regular windows, awning windows (aka top-hung windows) are hinged at the top of the window rather than the sides. As a result, these windows open upwards and outwards rather than sideways.

Awning windows are widely used in areas with more width than height. These windows are often used above fixed windows on upper floors allowing ventilation without the safety hazard of having an easily accessible open window. The wide opening allows maximum inlet flow of air and provides the home with pleasant ventilation and desirable natural light.

Pros and Cons of Awning Windows

Awning windows come with many advantages, including:

  • Excellent ventilation: when awning windows are installed higher on the wall, they are above obstacles in the room that would block incoming air.
  • Great Lighting: light streams inside unobstructed when the window is installed higher on the wall.
  • Security: All working parts are on the inside. When the window is closed, its anti-theft performance is outstanding.
  • Open in Rain: the design of awning windows allows them to remain open even on rainy days.

Despite all the benefits, awning windows have some disadvantages too:

  • Chance of Collision: because they open outward, if installed near decks and walkways, people can bump into them.
  • Frequent Cleanings: when open, awning windows have a slant that attracts dirt more quickly than regular windows, requiring frequent cleaning.
  • Cleaning Process: it is challenging to clean awning windows from inside the house, and you may need a ladder to access them from outside.

How to Know if You Need New Windows

As with all windows, there are signs that an awning window may need replacement, including:

  • Corrosion, drafts, cracks, and the presence of condensation on the sills
  • Condensation between glass panes
  • Frost or ice inside window
  • Mold and mildew around the frame
  • Noticeable increase in sounds coming in from outside
  • More difficult to open or close
  • Noticeable increase in heating/cooling bills

Empire Home Remodeling

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