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Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? Or building a house and can’t decide what type of tub or shower you want? The options are endless, but don’t be overwhelmed. There’s a perfect fit for every family.

Tips for Tub Replacements in Milwaukee: Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in tubs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their versatility. They allow for an exceptionally low entryway making entering and exiting the tub more accessible for seniors and children. In addition, walk-in tubs can leave your family with peace of mind when leaving them to bathe and shower alone. Walk-in showers and bathtubs are both popular items that we help people select, in terms of what is the right product for your bathroom space. Then we also follow through with installation services as well.


These walk-in tubs help seniors stay independently in their homes much longer by providing the safety features necessary for their individual needs. For example, there are handrails at the entryway and inside the tub for a sturdy grip, an extra-wide door to make it handicap accessible, and control panels that help avoid reaching for the valve and being showered with frigid water when first turned on.


It’s also an excellent fit for people with children. The oversized door is watertight, and it offers wide seating for them to stash some toys while they bathe. These walk-in bathtubs are comfortable and safe, and you’ll thank yourself later when tidal waves don’t come crashing onto your bathroom tile.

Extra Features

They also incorporate several features that traditional bathtubs lack. You can include jets, heated backrests, hand showers, and broader seating. In addition to all of this, they add value to your home. Walk-in bathtubs are a good investment and will be noticed by potential buyers, especially those looking for specific safety features for their elderly parents or young children.

Things to Consider Before Installing

These tubs must be installed by a certified and trained professional. The quality is essential also, so be sure to decide which features you need before choosing an installer.

Walk-in tubs hold more water than traditional tubs, which could be considered a positive, but consider the capacity of your water heater – can it fill your tub? Also, they cost more than standard tubs, but rightfully so. Think of all the extra value you acquire with this purchase. Overall, the good outweighs the bad. Walk-in tubs are a great fit for almost any home.

Empire Home Remodeling

Are you considering a tub replacement in Milwaukee? Empire Home Remodeling can help. Our bathroom planners can help you select the best bathtub for your home and budget. Call us today at 414-600-6333 and see what we can do for you.