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Everyone deserves a place to relax and unwind. For some people, that place is soaking in a tub of hot sudsy water. It is a little slice of heaven – a safe and stress-free place. For that reason, updating a bathroom feels like giving yourself a present. Whichever style you have in mind for your dream bathroom, Empire Home Remodeling has your back.

What to Consider When Thinking of a Bathroom Remodel

If you’re seriously thinking of a bathroom remodel, consider a few things. The process might feel tiresome and complex, but that is why Empire Home Remodeling is here to help you out.


What does your dream bathroom look like in your mind? You have to be a little creative on this part of the process. Think of the ambiance you want to create. Do you want something simple focused on functionality, or do you want a spa-like experience? Talk to one of our experts and look at different designs. Eliminate the aspects of the features you don’t like, and you’ll realize you have a specific plan in mind.

Start with the Basics

There are many choices so start with the basics. Begin with something as simple as a color scheme. Maybe you want something calm and tranquil, or you might prefer something bright and welcoming. The color decision gets you on the right path to your dream bathroom. This small step goes a long way in narrowing down the décor and fixtures to enhance that space. So, make a choice and get started.

Choose the Best Trend

Trends come and go, but you also want to know about the best designs in the market. You can incorporate minimalist or functional features into any bathroom. Each has plenty of room for customization. This is one reason you see people with walk-in showers and soaker tubs in the same bathroom. Who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds? A functional style means creating a space that is utilized easily and comfortably. A minimalist design focuses more on keeping the room modern, open and uncluttered.

Personalize Your Dream Bathroom

The bathroom space is designed for the people living in the house. Trends provide great inspiration, but the process is about personalizing the room to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We will help you hone in on the products and colors to help you make the best of your space, but keeping your style is at the forefront.


Whichever design you choose, make sure you nail the functionality part of it. Everything from the faucet design to tub size plays a role in how you use your new bathroom. For example, bathroom space should have a lot of usable storage, and the flow of the entire area should make sense. So when designing this space, pay attention to these details, and you’ll enjoy your quiet sanctuary for years to come.

Empire Home Remodeling

Are you thinking of starting a bathroom update or remodel? Empire Home Remodeling can help. We strive to give our customers the best services possible for renovations and bathtub replacements in Milwaukee, WI. Contact us to explore different designs, get an estimate, and schedule an installation. Call 414-600-6333 today.