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One of the most frequent questions we get about bathroom across the board relating to all things home Remodeling is: “Do I actually need a bathtub?” Or, “Is a bathtub essential to keep my house’s resale value?” Unfortunately, the answer is going to be that it really depends on your circumstances and how you generally live your life.

Are You Generally a Tub Person or a Shower Person?

If you never use your existing tub or only once in a blue moon even find yourself wishing you had a bathtub to use then it’s really not going to be worth it for you in the long run to get one. We really only recommend to people that they invest the time and energy into having a bathtub installed if you know you’re going to get good use out of it. Otherwise, it can sometimes be a real pain to not have a shower when you need it.

Many people find that maintaining and using a bathtub is a lot more work than they are willing to take on. You’re going to have to clean the bathtub every time you want to use it, ideally. You’ll also have to wait for your water to get warm and then for it to fill up your entire tub, which can easily take more than 10 minutes in addition to needing all of your soaps and such on hand. Learn more about our bathtub replacement services if you’re interested. 

Then comes the sheer amount of water that Then you will find water use concerns. A bath might need 70 Gallons of water, where a 10-minute shower typically only uses 25 gallons. That’s a serious difference and to those that care about those things or don’t want to pay all that extra money for water may need to consider that.

Bath Liners are a Great Addition

If you DO want to have a bathtub in your home then we really recommend you get a bath liner! It’s going to give you a nice safe non-slip low-maintenance surface and make your tub a real treat to use. Learn more about what bath liners.

Have You Considered a Walk-in Shower?

If you don’t need a bathtub, just think about what you could be doing with all of that extra space instead. From extra storage to more space for your shower itself, getting rid of your bathtub can give you tons of extra space. Don’t feel like you need to limit yourself just because your home came with a tub or shower, make sure you are bathing how you want to!

Whether you have young kids or are taking care of old parents or grandparents having a shower big enough to move around in safely is a real treat. A slippery bathtub is a real hazard and can turn bathtime into a massive liability. Learn more about our walk in showers.


Are you planning to be in this home forever? Are your parents getting close to the age where you’re going to need to take them in – and need a safer bathing alternative for them to use? These are all small factors that you need to consider before renovating anything in your home’s bathroom.

If you live in a more child or young-couple-friendly place then thinking long-term when you move out of your home you may want to have showers installed instead of baths. Showers are just easier to use across the board, easier to maintain, better to have overall.