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We know from experience having lived here in Milwaukee our entire lives, it’s important that every part of your home is in great shape and ready to help you withstand the cold and any bad weather that may come your way. Nothing is more important than ensuring your roof is secure and ready to do its job – if your roof fails to keep even just cold air out you could see a massive increase in your heating bills and cost yourself a lot of money in the long-run. Not to mention what if a storm comes through on any given day and your roof is in disrepair – it’s a disaster waiting to happen. We can help you get your roof repaired or replaced, whatever you need, to ensure that your home is as safe as possible for you.

Deciding on Roof Replacement or Roof Repairs

new roof milwaukee wi 1For the inexperienced, it can be all but impossible to tell if a roof truly just needs a few well-done repairs to get it back in great shape or if you are going to need to replace it for the best long-term outcome. Our roofing professionals can be out there in no time and after taking a careful look around give you our best recommendation for what you should do based on the best interests of the health of your home. We are asked to make this distinction frequently and honestly it can be difficult but here are some of the key points we look for that you too can look for in your own home to get an idea of what route may be best for you.

Here are the big things for us:

1. If you have insurance as any homeowner should, you need to consider and ask your insurance company directly what they will and will not cover cost-wise for you. If there was damage covered by your homeowner’s insurance, and they think the entire roof should be replaced, there is no question. And if you have that option you should certainly take it, no amount of repairs will leave your roof as ready to go as a total replacement. If you’re paying totally out of pocket for instance, you will of course want to consider having repairs done if they are adequate to take care of your roof.

2. How long has the roof been around? A roof of only say 5 years old, apart from massive damage, should do just fine with some repair work! A roof that is for instance nearing 20 years old – you may want to consider replacing it outright rather than going to the trouble of endless repairs. The average life of a roof is around 20 or 25 years, so it’s important to remember that you don’t want to pump money into something that will keep costing you only to need to be replaced some time in the near future.

3. How badly damaged is it? Now if you have tree through your roof obviously you don’t have much choice there you won’t have much left to repair. If you have nothing more than a few shingles loose or a small leak, any issue that can be solved easily and with certainty, just going for some good repair work is your best option. It’ll save you money and a lot of headache you don’t need.

4. How important are matching shingle colors to you? Now one thing to consider is even if your shingles are matched perfectly say you stored some extra in the garage for the last few years, even after we go install your new shingles you’re eventually going to notice discoloration and other issues, unfortunately. Your shingles are going to weather and fade unevenly and you will be able to tell. So at the very least you may have to consider re-shingling if you have any extensive repair or replacement work done on your roof.

5. Are you staying here forever or planning to move on at some point? Unless your roof is in really rough shape – if you think you may be looking to sell your current home in the coming years it may not be worth it to you to drop the money on a brand new roof, when you can just maintain it and take good care of it since it’s already in decent shape. Now if it’s just in bad shape and needs repairs constantly you’re going to come out on top with brand a brand new roof – it’s going to add some serious value to your home not to mention the boost in curb appeal. If you are just planning to live in the same home for the foreseeable future you may decide past a certain point it’s worth it to just replace the roof so you aren’t always running around fixing little things yourself or calling someone else to.

Hopefully considering all of this stuff can help you really figure out if you’re going to be best off looking for roof replacement or roof repairs. Contact the professionals at Empire Home Remodeling with any questions at all that you may have.