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Whether you repair an existing roof or install a new one, the project’s magnitude makes it a significant investment. Therefore, you want to work with qualified people who understand safety, construction requirements, and roofing materials. Here are some questions that you should ask a roofing contractor before hiring them.

Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor

Are They Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Empire Home Remodeling roof contractorA professional roofing contractor should be all three. Ask for their paperwork, and they should be happy to show them to you.

  • Licensed – They should have a license issued by the State to do business as a contractor.
  • Bonded – A bonding company will cover companies that handle their business ethically and professionally. For example, if the company goes bankrupt before finishing the job or there is a problem with the work, the customer can get their money back through the bonding company.
  • Insured – They should be insured with general liability, workers’ compensation, and vehicle insurance for any company cars or trucks.

Do They Offer Workmanship Warranty?

They should offer different types of warranties, ranging from short-term to lifetime. The warranty covers labor and material cost. Any contractor worth their while will, to some extent, guarantee their work. If you ever find yourself thinking about working with anyone that won’t outright guarantee the quality of their work, you need to look elsewhere quickly.

Will They Give a Breakdown of the Warranty?

It is essential you receive an explanation of the bounds of the warranty and who you can call if an issue arises. Ask if broken shingles will be replaced at the original cost or present cost. Ask whether there are any additional charges for warranty work. You are paying all this money for a service – do NOT be afraid to ask questions about what you’re getting.

What Kind of Materials Will be Used?

Roofing materials are different qualities and have different lifespans. Therefore, you want to be sure that the contractor explains the differences and any shortcomings they have. They should be able to tell you the expected lifespan of the roofing material. The materials used will directly affect the pricing. Materials, quality, and pricing should all be something you discuss before work begins.

Will a Written Estimate Be Provided?

The contractor needs to describe the work accurately. In addition, they have to disclose any services that will be subcontracted. Get it all in writing. No acceptions – you need to have documentation you can point to should something happen.

Will all Building Codes be Followed?

The contractor should know and respect all building codes that apply to a specific region. Being a local company, we know what we need to do to keep things in regulation in the area, comfortably.

Do They Provide Inspection?

Aside from inspecting storm damage, a good contractor checks the attic, soil stacks, deck, flashing, chimney, and penetration points.

Will Underlayment be Installed?

Felt or synthetic underlayment is installed as the base protection layer. If you are interested in finding advanced protection, you want to work with a contractor who uses the synthetic product. It offers advanced protection against mold, water absorption, and leaks.

Will Water and Ice Barriers be Installed?

Several climatic conditions may spell out the need for water and ice barriers between the wood deck and the shingles. These help hold back collected water, wind-fueled rain, and ice damming.

Will They Adhere to the Specifications Set by Manufacturers?

The contractor should know what the manufacturer says about their product. Misapplying it might waste your money because the warranty could be voided.

Will They Give a Demonstration of How the Roofing System Works?

The contractor ought to provide a comprehensive description of the roofing system. It would be best if you were knowledgeable about how every component works to choose wisely.

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