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Windows are an essential part of every house. Not only are they suitable for ventilation but the type of windows you have in your home help the overall aesthetic of your house. However, once the windows are installed, homeowners don’t put a lot of focus on them. But sometimes your windows get damaged or become outdated, and you might have to get them repaired or replaced.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new window or a window replacement in Muskego, WI, you need to be fully aware of the terms you’ll hear used by salesmen and professional installers. If you don’t understand what these terms mean, miscommunication may lead to an unsatisfactory result. So, to make things easier for yourself and the experts who will help you, here are different terms related to windows.

Terms Related to Windows

Frame – Structure that supports the window glass.
Jambs – Vertical part of the frame
Sill – The base of the window (Horizontal)
Head -The top of the window (Horizontal)
Pane – Glass sheet set in the window
Low-E Glass – window glass that has been coated to protect from dangerous rays and heat.
Gas Fill – Gas between panes of glass – used for insulation.
Grille – Decorative pattern on the window.
Multi-pane – windows with more than one layer of glass.
Sash – Part that supports the glass panes
Sash Lock – Lock for the windows
Rail – Horizontal part of the sash

Performance Related Windows Terminology

In addition to the structural terms, here are some other terms related to the performance of the windows.

Condensation Resistant – The ability of a window to resist condensation.
Visible Transmittance – The amount of light your window lets through
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – A measure of how much heat from the sun is blocked.
U-Factor – The measure of how well the window transfers heat. A low number is better.
Air Leakage – A measure of how much air can enter your house from the outside through the window.

Why Do You Need to Know These Terms?

As mentioned earlier, knowing these terms will be a lot of help when you are thinking about getting your windows repaired or upgraded. It always helps to have a basic understanding of the things you want to improve. Like all other things in the world, without proper knowledge, you would not be able to share the concerns and wishes related to the window in a clear way.

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