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Did you know that 97% of US residents are exposed to harmful noise levels? The noise comes from garbage trucks, lawnmowers, heavy traffic, and planes. Excess exposure to unnecessary noise contributes to unhealthy reactions like decreased productivity and stress.

Your home is a safe and personal space where you enjoy life with family and friends. It’s a place that’s supposed to be comfortable to enable you to relax and refresh. Unfortunately, noise from the street, aircraft, heavy equipment, or trains can invade your home, leaving you feeling frustrated and stressed. Empire Home Remodeling offers excellent window replacement services for sound reduction helping restore the peace and quiet needed in your home.

How Windows Reduce Noise Intrusion

Houses decrease sound with the walls, windows, and roof. The glass must be thicker for a window to block sound and have a high sound transmission class (STC) rating. The manufacturer must also increase the distance between the windowpanes and use laminated glass.

What is Sound Transmission Class Rating?

STC rating is a measure of the window’s noise-canceling capability. It measures how much sound is blocked by the window. The STC rating number reflects the decibel reduction of noise that a window can provide. The higher the number, the more noise is blocked. Most windows have a typical STC rating of 18-38. The best noise-blocking windows have an STC rating of 35-59. After window replacement with high ratings, you can expect vastly diminished noise levels within your home.

Quality Window Replacement

People living in urban areas close to a highway, train, or in proximity to an airport can significantly benefit from soundproof windows. Noise-reducing windows block 90-95% of exterior noise. Interestingly, low frequency sounds like garbage trucks or bass lines in music are harder to stop and will still be heard, although reduced. When looking for replacement windows to block out the sound, make sure you decide and let the installer know the types of noises you wish to block.

Are Noise-Reducing Windows Energy-Efficient?

It’s impossible to make energy-efficient windows soundproof, but it’s possible to make noise-reducing windows energy efficient. This is accomplished by adding low emissivity (low-E) coatings. The surface of the glass gives off low radiant heat levels by reflecting, transmitting, and absorbing heat. Low E-coating decreases heat transfer.

Empire Home Remodeling

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