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Do you have a hard time looking out your windows because there is condensation on them – that cloudy look with drips of water running down to the windowsill? So, why does this happen, and can it be fixed, or does it require a new window installation?

What Causes Condensation Inside the Windows

Condensation inside the windows usually appears during colder months. It occurs when a significant temperature difference between the air and the glass is present. Condensation is common for single pane glass windows. Double-pane windows offer insulation, so condensation is less common. However, the window seal is probably compromised if a double- or triple-pane glass window has condensation between the panes.

Another cause of condensation is when the air becomes saturated with water and comes in contact with a cooler surface. As a result, the cooler water particles come together and form droplets. This condensation is commonly seen on mirrors after a shower or on windows in a kitchen when cooking.

How to Reduce Condensation on Windows

If the condensation is only on the inside of the glass, the home’s air may be too humid. A high humidity level can cause warping of the woodwork and air quality issues. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the ideal relative humidity level for the interior of a home is between 30 and 50 percent. This range should be maintained throughout the year.

This condensation can be rectified by installing a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier draws out the moisture in the air and deposits it into a container. As a result, dry air reduces the conditions where condensation forms. In turn, if you have a humidifier running, turn it down or off.

Air circulation can reduce condensation. So, open a window. If there is no window, turn on an exhaust fan in the bathroom or kitchen to circulate the air and dry the condensation. This method works well when a temporary condition causes condensation. In addition, open the curtains. Heavy curtains can trap moisture between the curtain and the window.

If the seal or caulking has been breached on a gas-filled window, the window will have to be replaced. Unfortunately, the gas cannot be refilled, although the window might be repaired.

Empire Home Remodeling

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