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Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your home with some spring cleaning, including all the windows. What if there was a way you could clean and keep the windows sparkling all year round? To ensure the windows are at their peak performance, you may also have to do some maintenance. So, keep your windows in tiptop shape with the following tips.

Replacement Windows: Cleaning Tips

Regular Cleaning

Window frames are more important to clean than glass panes. This is because dirt and dust can settle and accumulate on the tracks, affecting the smooth operation of the window. On the other hand, fogged glass affects the quality of natural light streaming into your home. So, make sure you clean your windows regularly, even though it might not happen weekly.

Check the Window Seals

Window seals are an essential feature that makes the window an effective insulator. The seal prevents unwanted air from seeping into the home. Inspect the seals looking for any signs of cracking or pulling away from the edge. If you notice any damage, apply caulk to the affected area to seal the damage.

Vacuum Before Cleaning

Take the vacuum cleaner out first before hitting the window with water or a cleaning solution. Vacuum everything from the crevices of the sill to the cobwebs in the top corners of the window. Removing the larger dirt particles keeps the window glass from streaking once you apply liquid cleaners.

Use Natural Cleaning Solutions

Save time and money by using these environmentally friendly options instead of the niffy blue bottles of glass cleaner from the local store. To clean the inside glass, use a quarter cup of vinegar, mix with two warm water cups, and put in a spray bottle. Clean with outside glass, use warm and soapy water to get the dirt off the window glass and frame. A small amount of dish soap does the trick. To finish, wipe the inside of the window with a paper towel, crumpled newspaper, or a microfiber cloth. A squeegee is helpful to remove the soapy solution off the windows quickly when cleaning the window’s exterior.

Inspect the Window Screens

Window screens are more susceptible to damage compared to other window parts. This damage is due to the screens being exposed to outdoor elements like hail and storm debris. In addition, dirt and grime buildup might cause the window screens to deteriorate. Clean them regularly and check them for damage. If the screen has large holes, it should be replaced.

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