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Bath and Shower

Time to replace your bathtub or shower? Call Empire today! We serve all of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Metro Area

Never Do Less Than Your Best.

Replacing and installing a new bathtub or shower is easier than you think when you work with Empire.

When it comes to investing back into and increasing the value of your home, a quality bathroom remodel is about as good as you can get. Not only is it going to add a serious amount of value to your home for the long-term but you also will have the incredible satisfaction of using a fantastic bathroom every single day and that is truly priceless. We love nothing more than finishing a job that we KNOW for a fact will last you for the foreseeable future.

shower bath replacement milwaukee wi 2The most critical element of the bathroom is the bathtub or shower and that is where we focus. There’s a lot of “do it all” type remodeling companies out there and while many of them DO put out fantastic work regularly – your best bet if you really want quality work done is working with a renovations specialist that focuses on bathtub and shower remodels in particular when it comes to the bathrooms in your home, especially your master bathroom.

At Empire, we are an expert in the key aspect of bathroom remodeling – we provide best quality bathtub replacements and shower remodeling updates, including both bathtub and shower walk-ins!

Bath and Shower Renovation Focused on Your Custom Needs

We work closely with you to learn more about your particular bathroom remodeling needs so you know for a fact you’re going to get the results that you want when it comes to your bathtub and/or shower remodel, replacement, and installation. We are experts at completing conversions as well, so we can help you replace your bathtub with a shower or we can replace your shower with a tub. Want to convert from tile to acrylic or from acrylic to tile for example, along the way? We have you covered.

Those big do it all types are generally good enough at what they do but not an expert at any one thing. You don’t want to have to find out the hard way that you should have hired professionals to begin with.

Get the Bathroom that You Have Always Wanted


Everyone has a different vision or belief of what the perfect bathroom looks like, and of course everyone has different budgets and aspects they will consider more important than others. If you’re having trouble bringing your vision to reality, our experts are more than happy to give their opinions and help! We’ve remodeled easily hundreds of different bathtubs and showers at this point, so we’ve seen a full array of update and replacement scenarios as bathtub and shower fitters and installers.

Being bathroom remodeling experts and handling nearly all of the work we do in-house rather than outsourcing to third-party contractors (like most other installers) helps us maintain the best quality of replacement services  possible. If you are ready to go ahead and get started with your bath or shower remodel contact us today!

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Bathtub Replacement


Do you need a bathtub replacement and installation?
Empire sounds like a great fit for the job!

While our bathtub replacements are designed to fit perfectly into your existing space with minimal work needed, we will handle the full job for you. If we do need to convert the area to fit a particular tub for you we can do the full bathtub installation including renovation work. We have a variety of tub options for you to choose from so you can get the one that best fits your home’s look while also minimizing installation time. Learn more about our bathtub replacement services.

Shower Installations


bath shower replacement milwaukee wi 2Our experience and the fantastic materials that we use mean we can get your brand new shower installed very quickly, with very little clutter, so you can use it as quickly as possible! Learn more about our shower remodeling services.

Walk-in Tubs / Showers


The perfect safe bathing solution for any elderly or less-mobile family members in the home, these are very simple and relatively affordable for all that they offer! Learn more about our walk-in shower installation services.

Bathtub and Shower Conversions


Empire can help you create the ultimate luxury bathroom shower or bathtub getaway that you deserve to have, at an affordable price. We can convert that old tub into a brand new shower and vice versa! Learn more about our bathtub and shower conversion services.

Bathroom Renovation


As fully trained and very experienced renovation experts, we can work hand in hand with you to ensure that you get the perfect bathroom you’ve always wanted. We handle nearly everything bathroom remodeling related in-house which allows us to really regulate our quality! Learn more about our bathtub remodeling and bathtub replacement services.

Bath Liner


A high-quality acrylic bath liner can truly breathe new life into any old bathtub. They’re fairly simple for us to come install and they will hopefully last you a lifetime with very minimal maintenance! Learn more about our bath liner installation services.

Bath Surrounds


What is a bath surround exactly? Well, it’s the walls or tiles that surround your bathtub area – to put it as simply as possible just think of it as a long vertical bathtub but for your walls, its whole purpose is just to both look good and be non-porous and keep your walls strong over time! Learn more about our bath surrounds.

Call (414) 897-7272 for a free quote now or use our convenient online form.

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Empire remodeling was awesome! The crew came out and was very professional. They worked hard and got the job done with quality work and very timely.

Definitely would go with them again and have actually referred them to friends who are going with this company.

A+ job all around."

Jody P.
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5 stars 1

Empire remodeling was awesome! The crew came out and was very professional. They worked hard and got the job done with quality work and very timely.

Definitely would go with them again and have actually referred them to friends who are going with this company.

A+ job all around."

Jody P.


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