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Racine Window Replacement

Are the windows in your Racine home starting to show their age? If so, it’s just a matter of time before they start to bring down your home’s curb appeal, value, and energy efficiency. This is one project where it really pays to do your homework and choose a company you can trust for a professional home window replacement. 

To make sure that you get the quality products and service you deserve, come to Empire Home Remodeling.

We have been providing customers with premium-quality windows and hassle-free installation since 2006, so we have plenty of experience with delivering fast and professional results. With BBB accreditation and an A+ rating, we’ll guarantee your satisfaction with all of our replacement windows, including:

  • Bow Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Energy-Efficient Windows
  • Vinyl Windows

New Windows with Bow-Shape

When you choose sophisticated bow windows for your replacement, you can benefit from their unique shape in more ways than just one. These new windows add plenty of curb appeal to an otherwise boring home exterior. With extra room inside the sill for shelves, storage, or seating, they’ll make the interior of your home feel larger as well! 

Beautiful Garden Windows in Racine

Garden windows continue to be one of our favorite window types because of their unique design. Not only do they provide an instant boost to curb appeal, they also make it easy to grow plants year-round from the comfort of your home. The ample sill has space for plenty of plants that will thrive thanks to the warmth and mini-greenhouse effect of these unique windows.  

Efficient Windows for Energy Savings

If you choose to install our energy-efficient house windows you can expect a quick return on your investment. By relying on ENERGY-STAR®-rated products, we can optimize your home’s efficiency for maximum comfort and savings. Along with lower energy bills, you’ll notice how our products make it easier to keep your Racine home comfortable in any climate conditions.

Affordable Vinyl House Windows

Unlike other Racine window companies, we strive to serve customers with a generous array of products to fit any home, including an assortment of quality vinyl window products. Available in several different colors, styles, and sizes, take advantage of our hassle-free process to benefit from these custom-manufactured products and the design help of our talented consultants.

Request a Free Quote for Our Window Replacement Services in Racine

Whether you are replacing just a single window or every window in your home, you shouldn’t put off contacting Empire Home Remodeling. We are always happy to provide you with more information on the cost of our products and services, so call to schedule an in-home consultation with our Racine home remodeling company today! You can also take a moment to submit our online form if you would like a free, no-obligation estimate.