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When was the last time you walked around the house and really checked out the condition of all of your windows? If your windows are getting anywhere close to 20 years old, which tends to be the recommended lifespan for them, you’re well overdue for a good checkup at the least if not a total replacement. Most people, apart from the obvious, really have no idea what they would even be looking for.

The Signs of a Window that Needs Replacing

Today’s modern well-engineered windows play an important role not only in your home’s curb appeal but they are absolutely vital for any decent energy efficiency in the home and regulate just how much natural light makes it into your home. Old worn-out windows are first and foremost a security issue on any home, not to mention they are likely wrecking absolutely havoc on your heating and cooling costs. It’s important to maintain the condition of the windows in your home they are one of the few things that are absolutely critical to a safe and comfortable home. The milwaukee picture windowprofessionals at Empire Home Remodeling can come in and make sure that your home gets the window repairs or replacements that it needs.

  • Energy bills that just keep increasing: We have a fun little test you can do at home to see just how well any given window is doing to keep your home comfortable. On a cold day go stand next to any window or group of windows. If they are doing their job you should feel absolutely NO change in temperature. But chances are actually good that you’re going to feel a drastic change in temperature when standing next to a group of windows on a cold day. And that is NOT good. If you can feel that, you’re losing lots and lots of that nice air you pay to condition to the outside! While older windows are generally single-paned and vulnerable to leaks, newer windows are highly efficient and designed to help prevent air from transferring in and out of your home.
  • Operation of the Window: Now arguably the most important thing for some people. The operation of the window itself. Nothing is more annoying than a window that just won’t operate or work how you want it to, whether it be sticking when opening, have a broken latch, or whatever else. With wood windows, they can swell over time and this can cause them to be extremely difficult to operate. Your windows should NOT be hard to open, it should be absolutely effortless.
  • Soundproofing: If you live near a busy road or active area – do you ever notice that you hear cars going by or people doing things outside extremely loudly? If it’s particularly loud for you thicker, more soundproof windows could be just the thing your home needs to quiet it down in there! The best energy-efficient windows will be able to handle all of this sound with no problem.
  • Condensation Buildup: Do you ever notice excess condensation or fog building up inside your windows? This is actually generally a bad sign – but not always! It all depends on where on your window you are actually seeing the condensation. Now if it’s just on the outside where your home meets the outside world you have nothing to worry about this happens sometimes with drastic temperature differences like between your home and the outdoors. But if the condensation is appearing between your windows this is, unfortunately, one of the few sure signs that your window has absolutely failed and you need to work on getting them replaced before they start leaking too bad and costing you too much energy-wise. Condensation is not a friend to windows!
  • Physical leaks and decaying, warped, or damaged frames: This should be the most obvious – if your window frames themselves are damaged you are definitely going to need to replace those. They’ll do nothing for you but let the outside in!

Now if you have any or all of these issues going on in your home you need to get in contact with the professionals here at Empire Home Remodeling as soon as possible! We can help you with all of your window replacement needs. Learn more about our fantastic and energy-efficient double-hung windows. Contact us!