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The process of replacing a shower isn’t well known by most homeowners. In turn, they don’t know what to expect when they take on this project. While there’s no need to worry about the process, you should know what to expect after this bathroom remodeling project.

Shower Replacement in Milwaukee, WI: What to Expect

Improved Appearance

There should be a drastic improvement in the appearance of your bathroom after replacing an outdated bath or tub. If you want to get rid of the grimy tiles in your shower, or you want a tub-to-shower conversion for a walk-in shower, it makes a huge difference. You can work with a team of our talented designers to choose the style, color, and accessories of your preferred shower.

A No-Fuss Option

A typical shower remodel involves a messy and lengthy demolition. However, there are shower replacement methods that reduce the mess and fuss. For example, a custom-fit shower unit doesn’t require tiling, so the installation usually takes only 1-2 days. This method is very convenient for homeowners who have one bathroom. The aim is to avoid massive disruption to your daily routine, and you can start enjoying the new shower as soon as possible.

Low Maintenance

After getting a new shower, low-maintenance care is one of the many goals. Choosing the suitable materials for your remodel can reduce the amount of maintenance. For example, builders are now using Microban technology materials that minimize mold and mildew growth. As a result, you no longer have to spend hours scrubbing molds and mildew from the shower.

Long-Lasting Results

Selecting fixtures can customize the shower experience that you get to enjoy for years to come. From rainfall showerheads, side shower jets, handheld styles to shower-sauna combinations – make your bathroom a luxury spa in your home.

Empire Home Remodeling

Are you ready to change your humdrum bathroom into something more luxurious with a shower replacement in Milwaukee? Get in touch with Empire Home Remodeling. Our team of bathroom remodeling experts can create the bathroom of your dreams in any style you desire. Want more information? Contact us at 414-600-6333 and speak with our friendly service representative, who will be more than happy to answer all your questions.