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Getting older is an inevitable part of life. However, with advanced age comes a whole new set of obstacles to overcome, things that were simple in your youth. This even applies to using a restroom – something so ordinary can quickly become difficult or even hazardous without taking precautions. This article will explain how you can make your bathroom safe for seniors.

Tips on Bathroom Remodeling in Milwaukee: Senior Safety

Simple Safety Options

There are a few simple options for safety that are relatively easy and cheap to install in your bathroom. Such measures will help to increase the security of any senior who uses your bathroom.

Mounted Grab Bars

The most apparent option is installing mounted grab bars on your bathroom walls. These are handrails that seniors can hold onto to help them get up from the toilet, out of the tub, or steady themselves if needed. Grab bars will most often be installed next to the toilet and in the tub. These areas pose the most significant risk to seniors using the bathroom.

High Toilets

Next, you should ensure your toilet sits high enough that it is relatively easy to use. A lower toilet makes it more challenging for seniors to sit down and get up. If you don’t want to replace the entire toilet, which can be expensive, it’s possible to get a high booster that sits on your toilet seat, making it taller and easier to use.


It can also be an excellent idea to install handrails in the hallway leading up to the bathroom, helping seniors get to it without risking a fall. You can install handrails on the bathroom’s walls if it’s large enough.

Anti-Slip Mats

Slick floors can quickly spell danger for seniors when taking a shower or bath. As such, a set of anti-slip mats can do wonders to increase safety. These will provide traction where there otherwise might be none.

Empire Home Remodeling

If you’re doing some bathroom remodeling in Milwaukee, WI, Empire Home Remodeling can help. Our experts can inspect your bathroom and make recommendations to make it safe for seniors. Contact us at 414-897-7272, and you’ll have a new safe bathroom in no time.